A little Wok story!

In 2005, we start our first Thai Wok

After driving in a morning traffic for 9 years, we decided (mother and two sons) to try something new. A café in Hornstull, Stockholm, seemed promising. Before we started the new challenge, we took a much needed vacation to Thailand. We became instantly delighted in the country, especially in the food and the incredibly friendly people, in the culture and in the wonderful nature.

After the holiday we returned to Sweden and opened our cafe as we started for about 1 year. But after working for the same industry for about 10 years, we felt we needed a new challenge. In the baking tank there was always the experience in Thailand and therefore we took the decision to try to share this experience with the Swedish people. In 2005, we started our first Thai Wok in a garage on the island of Tyresö that we built. We hired a professional chef and created a menu of flavors from Thailand's core. Customers gave a positive response to Thai flavors so when we found a confectionery kiosk out at Gärdet, we took the decision to buy it and turn it into a Thai Wok.

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For ten Mae Thai has represented in reputable list and is evidence of the team's commitment to constantly raising the ribs fine dining experiences for guests

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Story-03Because we used all our human resources to the Wok restaurant on Tyresö, we offered the chef from Tyresö to rent the new Wok on the farm. The chef thanked me astonishingly no. In fact, Wok restaurant was on street number 33, this number was a bad one in the chef's home tours in Thailand. The offer went on to the staff and we received a positive response, the wok restaurant at Gärdet was running.

A concept started, buy kiosks and convert them to Thai Wok. We decided to take a trip to Thailand to rest for upcoming projects, but also to get more knowledge and inspiration for Thai food and culture. During the trip, the phone rings and an offer low on the table to buy one of Stockholm's best-known Thai Wok in Solna, Grill and Wokstugan Solna. This was so far the biggest challenge of all of them. We assumed the challenge, chose to keep old staff and slowly put our own feel. Much leap and worn, but shame on the one who gives up. We got the winner's challenge now with more experience and knowledge. It was time to seek another challenge, a kiosk on Götgatan was for sale.

Story-03On a cold February day, we opened the window to the kiosk for customers at Götgatan in Stockholm. In the kiosk we had our best cooks, the concept of "fresh ingredients with genuine Thai flavor" seemed to stimulate our customers' taste buds and their response warmed us despite the cold weather. We can only thank everyone who has shown support and love for what we offer, Thai flavors.

The MaeThai Wok concept we wanted to move on and in August 2012 we opened our new kiosk in Norrtull, Stockholm. Our goal is to offer our offer on the other side of Stockholm.

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